Cards with 0% Intro APR for 15 months or more

Have you ever thought about or looked at a %APR Intro offer Credit Card. Is it something you should consider? I guess the bottom line is – Would it save you money?

Let’s look at a scenario and find out. Under this scenario you currently have a $6000 balance on your credit card. You’re confident you can pay about $500 a month and get it paid off in 12 months. That is your goal. Could a 0% intro APR credit card help you save money?

Your Scenario

Your Card Balance


Your Goal

Pay off in 12 months

Monthly Payment

$500 + interest

The table above shows how much interest you would pay over the 12 months with your current card. If your card had a 14% interest rate, you’d pay $465. If your card had an 18% rate, you’d pay $601. Most 0% APR offers include a fee,that in most cases is 3% of your Balance Transfer amount. So your fee on $6000 would be $180. When you shop for a 0% Intro APR credit card you will find some at 4%, some at 5% and you might be able to find and qualify for one that charges a 0% fee.

Assuming the 3% fee, with your $6000 balance you can see that you will save between $285 and $421, with a current interest rate within a14-18% range. If that amount of money seems worth it, then you should look for a 0% intro APR credit card that meets your needs. Note that this scenario looks even better if the card offers 0% for 15 months, 18 months or more.

Also keep in mind that if you’re balance is higher than $6000, your savings are going to increase. If your balance is lower than $6000, your savings will be less. See some of the best 0% intro APR card offers listed below.